1st-23rd August, 2014

TJ Boulting is delighted to present our summer group show, where several leading independent art and photobook publishers have been invited to curate the work of artists and photographers of interest to them. In recent years there has been a prolific amount of activity in the art publishing world, with fairs such as Offprint in Paris, specialist bookshops, organisations such as Printed Matter who established the successful New York Art Book Fair, and particularly a rise in young publishers, innovating on small budgets and producing exciting and original small-run publications, often a far-cry from the traditional models seen before in art publishing.

Pieter Hugo, Boo Saville, Patti Smith, Robin Maddock, Henry Hudson, Whitney McVeigh, Ricardo Cases, Nicol Degiorgis, Lorenzo Vitturi, Bjarne Bare, Tim Smyth, Adeline de Monseignat , Lewis Chaplin, Tamsin Relly, Asger Carlsen, Victoire Thieree, Hugo Wilson, Charlotte Schnabl, Victoria Ahrens, Ivy Armour, Federico Clavarino, Charlotte Dumas, Vladislav Krasnoshek and Sergiy Lebedynskyy, Ayca Kosegullari, Cristina de Middel, David Noonan, Viviane Sassen, POV Female Bogota, POV Female Johannesburg, POV Female Tokyo, POV Female London, Augustin Steyer, Akiko Takizawa, Eloise van der Heyden

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