March 27th, 2015


'Birth' Origins at the end of life - HD Video 11 minuties

Birth is a moving image oral history enquiry into how a group of women have embraced the physical and psychological changes that come with carrying and the birth of children. The work invites women at the end of their life to recount their memories to the camera. Do they ever forget birth? How does birth transform the ways in which we relate to life? The project examines birth within the context of ageing and palliative care and challenges society’s often darker associations linked to dying and ageing. The film engages with both the universal and personal; regardless of age or gender, we are all born and the narrative of birth is vital in the wider context of human history.

'Birth' was made in collaboration with St Christopher's, Pulse Films and University of the Arts, London. It has been shown at Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts (Solo exhibiton), Japan, Hazard Gallery, South Africa (Solo Exhibiton Contours) (2016) and Summerhall Edinburgh (Solo Exhibiton Language of Memory) (2015-16).

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In conversation with Amy Bluett at the Royal Academy of Arts, London March 2015

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